Read the stories of those patients whose dreams of becoming parents have now become a reality through Ginemed

I want to tell my story

1 in every 10 women has difficulty in conceiving.

Sometimes it helps to talk about it.

Equally, meeting other people who have been through a similar situation, whether it be pregnancy, birth or breast treatment, can give us the strength and encouragement to carry on.

Ginemed is creating this area, so that those who have completed their journey can share their experiences and their story, with those who are just beginning theirs.

Two Miracles

Mi mayor fortuna

Gracias equipazo!!

¡Venimos a por el segundo!...

Lo conseguimos

¡Vamos a ser papás!

Mis dos soles

La mejor decisión

La esperanza nunca se pierde...

Nunca ha que rendirse

Nuestros dos preciosos niños...

Padres por primera vez!

Los sueños se cumplen

Ser mamá sola

Nuestro gordito